Founder of The Social Media CEO

Stephanie Gilbert is the founder of The Social Media CEO, where she helps women start & grow thriving social media businesses. Back in 2015 she successfully scaled her solo-freelancing-gig to a six figure social media agency in less than nine months and has since taught millions of creative business owners how to grow their brands on Instagram by working with the amazing team at Later. Somewhere in between all of that, she started another business, CEO Yeah!, where she provides IRL retreats & adventures for online business owners. The secret to her success (and ability to juggle #allthethings) lies in her signature systems-- something she's extremely passionate about teaching others as well



Founder of @sophlog and SunnyPeaches

Sophie Loghman is the Photo Stylist and Content Curator behind @sophlog and the head gal in charge at SunnyPeaches. Born and raised in Atlanta, Sophie moved to LA for two years in 2012 to get her Master's Degree in Communication Management from the University of Southern California. Now back in Atlanta, she utilizes her time working as a creative strategist on social media. On weekends, she can be found exploring the most colorful murals in town with her camera (and pup Snoop) in hand.

Riley kinnane-petersen & john petersen

Founders of Gunner & Lux

Riley loved to play dress up, accessorize, and find fashion inspiration at a very young age. During the summer of 2015, when Riley was just 5 years old she decided to use the vintage jewelry her dad John had collected for her to create her very first necklace. She learned how to use pliers, tweezers, and tie knots as she developed her own line of colorful, whimsical accessories.

Riley and John worked on these necklaces together after dinner each night. Soon, Riley began selling her individual charms at her summer lemonade stand, then on her website, and before they both knew it, their jewelry brand Gunner & Lux was being sold in stores all around the world.

Together, Riley and John have created something truly unique. Today, they hope their story and their designs inspire and bring smiles to those who START COLLECTING. 


Alyssa Fagien

Founder of ATL Bucket List & Atlys Media

Alyssa is the founder of ATL Bucket List, a popular Instagram account highlighting the best of Atlanta, which has more than 200K followers. Alyssa is also the founder of Atlys Media, a growing boutique social media agency. Through her ATL Bucket List adventures and client work, Alyssa has a unique perspective on social media and influencer marketing and is one of absolute favorites!

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Founder of Your Social Team

Manu Muraro is the one girl behind Instagram training business Your Social Team, which she founded in 2017. She provided training to over 200 brands including Jamestown/Ponce City Market, Tiny Doors ATL and the High Museum of Art. She is also the co-founder of women's conference, Let's Conference in partnership with ATL Girl Gang. Before starting her own business, Manu was Marketing Director for King of Pops, and Creative Manager at Cartoon Network.

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