If you don't have the swipe up feature, try this instead

Today on our members only live Q&A, one of our members asked me how could he share links in stories if his account has less than 10k followers. Is there a way?

The answer is YES. There are a few ways.

First let me tell you: the swipe up link may win you some cool points, but it it's not a game changer.

I got the swipe up feature earlier this year and although it's convenient, I do not sell more because of it!

What matters is that you're finding ways to give this link to your followers who want it.
So here's a few ways that you can do it (that I still use, even though I have the swipe up feature!):


When you want to do a story and send people to your link, add that link to your bio and just type on your stories LINK IN BIO or use a GIF sticker that says link in bio --just search for "link in bio" in GIF stickers in stories and you will find many options.


When doing a story that relates to a link you want to share, just write in your story "if you want the link, DM us and we will send it to you" or just "DM me/us for the link". Then when they do, you manually copy and paste that link to them in a direct message (send a little note with it and you can copy and paste that same message to everyone who requests it!). I love this call to action because it feels exclusive and promotes organic engagement, since it encouraged people to DM you.


This is not exactly a link. But accounts any size are able to use a swipe up link to one of your own IGTV videos. So if that information you want to convey could work in video form, create an IGTV video and add a swipe up to your story!


Instagram has a new chat sticker that allows your followers to request to join your chat and you can approve up to 31 people to be on a group chat you lead and moderate. If you want to share a link, tell people who are interested in this subject to join the chat. You can then tell them more about what you're promoting, share the link, answer their questions and get their feedback.

All these alternatives work. Don't be in a hurry to get to 10k or let anything hold you back.

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manoela muraro