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GIF stickers are all the hype on Instagram stories. But Giphy limits who can have their own stickers show on Instagram. You need to have a website and an email address with the sam domains, and you also need to have at last 5 GIF stickers uploaded to be approved. Plus your files have to be created with the correct specs, yadda yadda yadda. 

But if you want to cut to the chase and just create and use  a GIF sticker of your logo in your stories for example, there's a VERY easy way.

1 Create your animated GIF stickers with a transparent background and save the final file in your phone.

2 Go to IG stories, create the story that you want to add the GIF. With the unfinished story up, get out of Instagram and go to your photo album in your phone.

3 Open your GIF sticker,  go to menu, select COPY and go back to Instagram stories. Your sticker will pop up and you can click on it to add it. If your sticker doesn't show or goes away before you add it, just select the text tool and paste it there. 


Note:  only you will be able to use your stickers with this hack. If you want them available for your whole audience, definitely join our next GIF class soon!

manoela muraro