Instagram Announces Big Changes --But How Will They Affect Us?

In the last few days, Facebook has hosted their F8 Developers Conference in which they made some HOT announcements regarding both Facebook and Instagram.

But while everyone has been reading all these reports about what will or has changed, we would like to chime in on what you should do to adapt to these changes and use them in your favor.

So here we go:

1) Number of likes in posts will be private

Instagram is doing this as a reaction to how much the Instagram popularity contest affects people’s self esteem and well-being. But not much should change, as people can still click and see all the names of the people who liked a certain post and even manually count them.

  • If you’re an influencer or a brand using your Instagram reach in a partnership, you will have to offer screen shots of your analytics. Most people were already requesting and sharing this anyway, but I believe more brands will ask for it.

  • You should also focus on getting more comments, but instead of the same canned questions everyone else is using, we recommend you start meaningful conversations with your audiences about things they care about.

2) Influencers will have the option to switch your profile from personal or business to creator

The creator status will come with a lot more detailed analytics that influencers can share with brands. That combined with likes not being public, will make it for a lot more transparency between influencer and brands, which is very beneficial to brands. However, by switching to creator, you won’t be able to auto-publish your posts and possibly not hide any automation you have used to grow. It will also allow you to separate your DMs by friends, brands and general public, which will help you not miss prospects that get buried with responses of your stories.

  • You should switch to creators to explore these new features.

  • Make sure you look at these new analytics throughly to make sure all looks good before you share with brands.

Facebook (which deserve a total of 4 sentences in this post) is getting a whole new design—it will no longer be blue. We will have to see if the changes make the platform any better for brands that aren’t investing in paid social, because right now the impact is very low.


IMG_7988 (1).PNG

Last but not least, the most exciting update: the AR filters in Instagram stories will be available for all. While some select creators already have their own filters, now brands or anyone will also be able to create and share their own. AR filters in stories are a great way to get awareness and new followers. For every story that uses the filter, there will be the name of the filters and the name of the account which created it, with a clickable link to the account.

Facebook (which owns Instagram) started a beta test with small brands and Your Social Team was approved. We just created our first two filters, which you can try via the links below. Although we didn’t promote the filters enough so far, we have gained 1,000 followers in 24 hours after launching them, so there are lots of opportunities for brands to get their name across by using them!

Try our filter “Rainbows and Stars” and “Queen” (must open the links from mobile).


Manu, founder of Your Social Team

manoela muraro