3 Tips for Taking Better Phone Photos with Gabi Valladares

Hi, all! I’m so thrilled to be here. Let me introduce myself – I’m Gabi or some of you may know me as @gabivalladares over on Instagram. I’m a blogger in Atlanta and have the incredible opportunity to help my favorite small businesses with social marketing and photography. So fun, right!?

Yet – it can be challenging. Which, if you’re here, I’m thinking you might know what it’s like. You want fantastic, high quality, eye-catching photos for your brand but perhaps you only have your phone handy. Well, it’s doable. I promise you! All it takes is some practice, and some creativity.

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To give you a little jumpstart, here are my 3 favorite tips for taking better photos with your phone:

1. Lighting is everything.

This sounds extreme, but it’s not at all. Lighting really is everything. It’s the difference between actually seeing your image and not seeing it at all. Just think about that. Do you want your community to see your photo? Of course you do! Why else would you be sharing it?

So, before you even snap a photo, make sure that the light is behind you – the photographer. And, that it’s shining on your subject – whether that be a person, an object, or something else. Remember, it’s much easier to lighten up an image than fix an overexposed image. However, it’s going to result in a bit of grain, so be ready for that

2. Make a lot out of a little.

Upgrading your phone can be pricey. Like, way beyond pricey. So, this is where we make a lot out of a little.

One way to do this is to purchase lenses that you can stick right on top of your existing phone’s lens. In fact, Moment has a curated collection of lenses that can help you capture the images you’ve been working towards. Another, much more affordable, option is to shop around for new editing tools. Purchase some filters (usually around $0.99 or $1.99) if they fit with your existing aesthetic or the aesthetic you’re moving towards. The most important thing to note here is that you have plenty of options for making a lot out of a little without having to drop nearly $1K for a new phone. Yikes, it hurt even typing that amount.

3. Get real.

Now this is where we throw everything out the window. While yes, I like to maintain a consistent editing style and theme across my feed, I also like to get real and share timely content that wasn’t necessarily planned.

What you post depends on what you’re using Instagram for, but test the waters here. See how these posts perform against your other posts that are more planned.

And, if you’re local to Atlanta, join Your Social Team and yours truly on Friday 3/22, for our upcoming Instagram Phone Photography Bootcamp at Switchyards Downtown Club. We hope to see you there!



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